This Weeks Service Location

This week we will be having our Church Service at 10:00am in the back room of the Goulburn Valley Christian Fellowship (GVCF), 9 Pine Road Shepparton.  GVCF will be having thier church service at the same time we have ours.

Drive into GVCF past their car park, please DO NOT park in their main car park. Then drive past the main GVCF church entrance they use and then through the roundabout and follow the road around to the back where you will see a basketball ring, this is where we will park our cars and enter the back hall through the back door.

Exchange Church Meeting Venue

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Exchange Church Meeting Venue -36.357224, 145.403548 Exchange Church Meets 10am Sunday at... Goulburn Valley Christian Fellowship (GVCF) Buildings

When Entering GVCF drive past their car park, DO NOT park your car here.

Drive past GVCF Main Entrance heading torwards the Roundabout.

Drive through the Roundabout, past the playground on the left hand side and follow the road that curves around to the left where you will park your car at the back of the GVCF building. Enter the building using the door at the back of the building.