Sunday Worship

We teach, and live as a Church, that we are saved from our sins through the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

The heart of Exchange Church is to encourage people to be Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

A Word

From our Pastor & his wife

Maybe it’s your first time ever to a church or you haven’t been for a long time. It certainly helps if you can get an idea of what’s going on. Exchange Church meets every Sunday at the Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre – look out for our “A” frame signs. We love getting together to sing about Jesus and then to open up the Bible. We open up the Bible to discover more about Jesus so that our lives can reflect His greatness into the world and that we can be fulfilled as people. We will hear great stuff to help us become better people, better spouses, and better parents and have a healthier community.

Pastor Todd & Laurel Hall

Before Arriving

Setup teams arrive before church to begin the preparation for the Sunday morning service. This includes people setting up the chairs, music team, P.A & media operators, Kids Church leaders and the Kitchen crew. One of the joys in serving in the different areas of the setup is the team work and team building, as we have the common goal to worship our Lord & King.


Church begins at 10:00am @Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre, 132 Welsford St, Shepparton. As you walk into the venue, there will be a couple of people at the door who’ll say hello and welcome you. Visitors will receive a Welcome pack with details about Exchange Church as well as a Contact Card – which we would love to get off you before you leave.


We begin our worship service in music. This is one way we praise our Lord in song. We are blessed to have many different musicians within Exchange Church to assist the congregation in singing.

Service Leader

During the service we have a person to come up the front in welcoming people, as well as giving announcements. This person is known as the Service Leader. If you have any questions after the service, feel comfortable in approaching them.

Kids Church

We have a Kids Church program during the school term so that the children also have age appropriate teaching to learn from God’s Word. The Service Leader will inform the church when the children are to leave the hall to begin their special time. We use rooms at the rear of the building – just follow everyone if you have children from 18 months up to and including Year 6. At the back of the hall near the entry door is a sign in / sign out book so that we keep a track of the children. Visit our Kid’s Church web page for more information.

The Message

Pastor Todd is the primary biblical teacher within Exchange Church, but throughout the year we also have others that step up to this position within our congregation. One of the strong distinctives within Exchange Church is that we put an emphasis on the opening of the bible and the direct teaching from it affects every aspect of our lives. Twice a month after the message is given, we celebrate around the Lord’s table and have communion as we remember what Jesus did on the cross in which He died to pay the price for our sins.

After the service

Our service usually goes for around 1 hour and 20 minutes, but the service doesn’t end on the last song sung. After the formal structure of the service, we then enter a time of fellowship where we all can catch up and more importantly welcome new people to church personally. We all understand what it is like to be in a room of people you are yet to know. Please feel comfortable to join in conversations with people as you share your journey in life and as you get to know other people’s journey.

Tea, Coffee and Milo

One of the ways we get to know people and fellowship together is over a cuppa.  Please feel comfortable to go up to the servery to get one and if you are new, introduce yourself to those serving the cuppas.

Leaving – The EC Contact Card

Before leaving, if you are new, you would have received a Welcome Pack when entering the church service. Within that pack is a Contact Card in which we would love for you to jot down your details so we can thank you. At the back of the church, we have a small offering box. You can place the card in there, or give it to those that welcomed you, the Service Leader, Pastor Todd or one of the elders.

Missed filling in the Contact Card?

Not a problem, press the Contact Card button below to fill it in now and it will be automatically sent to us.

Exchange Church Meets 10am each Sunday @Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre,
132 Welsford Street, Shepparton, 3630.

Exchange Church Shepparton

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