What a joy it is to have our life centered in Christ, irregardless of our circumstances in life, its our life in Christ that gives us the confidence in knowing He is in control and our everlasting life is in the presence of His glory.

Have you ever considered how the prayers of Jesus are an example for us in how we should pray? This weeks message to be unpacked by myself is from John 17, we are looking at the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the gospels. This prayer is known as the High Priestly Prayer, Why is it known as this? So much richness in this chapter, as we look at this prayer one question will be asked, what truth can we discover through this prayer that can be incorporated into our prayer life?

Todd & Laurel are on holidays for the next few weeks, during their absence if there is any pastoral needs or concerns please make contact with Rob Finster or myself.

This week we do have a little disruption as some roads are closed around Shepparton for the White Night event, please don’t let this put you off coming to worship the King of Kings as we come together.

This weekend at Exchange Church…

  • EC Sunday gathering @ 10:00am – Message “A Prayer from the Son to the Father”
  • EC Corporate Prayer Sunday 5:00 pm in the lounge at the Seniors Centre.

In Christ,

Stephen Hickingbotham