How You Can Assist the Daldy’s with the loss of their home

Ross & Lauren with Harry, Nathaniel, Emelyn & Apphia

On Friday, May 17th, the Daldy family experienced the loss of their home in a fire. We are thankful to the Lord that all family members are safe and sound. Now, they embark on the challenging journey of rebuilding a home and all the practical things that we take for granted as we enter our homes. As Christians it’s natural that the church family want to extend their love & support during this difficult time. Exchange Church has the following process in place to assist them…

1) The First thing they ask for is prayer…

  • Pray for wisdom as they have many decisions to make.
  • Pray for wisdom as they love and care for their children through this.
  • Pray for normality of their lives will be sustained as they seek this for their children.
  • Pray that through this challenge their faith and trust in God will grow.
  • Pray for doors to open as they will be looking for rental accomadation.
  • Pray for us as a congregation for sensitivity to the whole family as they navigate this challenge, not just today but ongoing as they do have a long journey ahead of them.

2) Helping them with practical needs.

Ross & Lauren need time to assess their needs as to how we can help them as a congregation. As their needs arise they will contact either Todd or Stephen, we will then seek out people within the congregation to help or we may contact the whole congregation seeking perhaps some material needs. Their situation is fluid in which we as a congregation will do our best to meet their needs as they share them with us.

3) Financial Assistance.

While Ross & Lauren do have insurance, they have expenses now and face significant future expenses. Some have already inquired about donating funds to assist them, and the answer is yes you can. Ross and Lauren don’t want anybody to feel any obligation to give, it’s your love & prayers they really seek, but for those who wish to help financially, here’s where to send the funds.

Account Name: R&L Daldy

BSB: 923100

Account# 313332556