Good afternoon all,

By now we’ve all woken to the sad news that Queen Elizabeth has died. She is the longest reigning monarch that the royal family has ever seen and there appears to be good evidence that she put her trust in Jesus Christ as her saviour. The Queen has seen so much change in this world and has witnessed so much sadness as nations have plunged into war with each other, and a culture that has moved away from its Christian foundations. Even though she was the Queen there was much that was out of her control. We know of a KING and His kingdom that is everlasting, where He controls all things.

Psalm 145:13 (ESV) — 13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works.

This KING is Jesus our Lord. We have hope because He is the eternal KING who gave His life for ours to secure our forgiveness. We trust that Queen Elizabeth has met the true and only KING this day.

This weekend at Exchange Church:

  • ECY Youth tonight, Friday 7:00pm at the church.
  • EC Sunday gathering 10:00am on Sunday.

This weekend we have Daniel Jansen with us from the AFES La Trobe University Bendigo Christian Union. He’s a part of the groups that have come and ministered at EC in previous years.

Daniel will be preaching from Daniel 7, “Hope in a Heavenly King”.

Please read through Daniel 7 to help focus our hearts for Sunday.

Also starting on Sunday, September 25th our next sermon series will be from 1 & 2 Samuel. It would be very helpful for all to read through these books as we come up to these sermons.

For our King,