The great news to report on is that this coming Sunday, the 27th November will be our last service at GVCF, 9 Pine Rd Shepparton, Just to reinforce, this coming Sunday we are meeting at the same location as we did last Sunday, this will be our last weekend there as we return back to the Shepparton Senior Centre the following week.

I have been pondering this week on the issue of ‘stick-ability’, in that, I start a project and then have to stick at it to complete it, how often have we all had uncompleted projects around our lives, whether craft works, maintenance jobs or whatever. Isn’t it but a joy to have the confidence in knowing God is not like this.

Philippians 1:6

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

The Lord looks at us with incredible potential as He continues His work in our lives, never giving up. For believers in Him He is prepared to work in our lives for the rest of our life so that each day we become more Christ like, in which He will present us to the father as complete, without fault or blameless.

You are a work in progress, hold tight to this as the Lord never gives up on you. We might have a ‘stick-ability’ issues, Jesus doesn’t.

Exchange Church This Weekend:

  • EC Sunday gathering at 10:00am at the GVCF building

This week our sermon will be given by Rob on Mark 9:14-29 as Rob looks at the demon possessed boy, leaving us to ponder the question “How can a person be confident to find and know the truth and not be misled?”

In Christ alone,

Stephen Hickingbotham