Booking Timetable & Locations for 10am Sunday Services…

Goulburn Valley Christian Fellowship (Unknown Vaccination Status Location)

Tuesday / Wednesday – All those who are unable to book at the Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre can book in these days.

Thursday onwards – Anybody can book in.

Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre (Double Dose Vaccination Status Required)

No need to book in at this location.  New Covid rules means no limits on attendance amount for double dose vaccination above 12 years old.

Government Covid restrictions have been placed on the general community which directly affect all Church gatherings within Victoria.

We now embrace the next challenge that has been imposed on Exchange Church in which we will have two venues to worship from 10am each Sunday. One venue will live stream into the other Venue.

Venue 1

Goulburn Valley Christian Fellowship (GVCF) – 9 Pine Road, Shepparton (Maximum 40 People)

Attendees do not need to disclose their vaccination status at this venue. We do require people to book in so we don’t go over the maximum people allowed.

We have obtained permission from the government to run a service on site of another church while they also run their services in which we can operate the Covid rules independently of each other on the condition we abide by requirements the government has placed on Exchange Church.

Venue 2

Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre (SSCC) – 132 Welsford St, Shepparton 

Attendees over the age of 12 will need to disclose their vaccination status; this building can only be used for fully vaccinated (Double Dose) people. The strategy is to collect a person’s vaccination status once only; future attendances do not require this status to be shown again. New Covid rules means there is no limit on the amount of people that can attend this venue so we have dropped the need for people to book in at this location, just turn up!

Exchange Church is also Live Streamed

on Youtube 10am each Sunday