how we came about

G'day. I am so glad you have visited our web page. I pray that after having a look around you will want to come and meet us in person. You are probably asking who am I? My name is Todd Hall and I have lived in the Shepparton community all my life. Shepparton is a great place to live. About the middle of 2009 God began to stir my heart with the idea of planting a church in the City of Shepparton, to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and to proclaim Him as the all surpassing Treasure.

Since this time, God has reinforced this desire time and time again, and also along the way many doors have opened to continually confirm this calling. Along for the ride is my wife, Laurel, and four children Brianna, Chelsea, Gabrielle and Elliott. We have now gathered around us a keen bunch of people who are also taking this radical step and sharing in the vision to plant a church in Shepparton; to shine the light of the gospel through the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. We see this as a tremendous privilege and immense joy that we can speak the message of hope in Jesus to a world that is looking for hope in all the wrong places. As a community of people we love Jesus and love the life he has given us and want to share this good news.

So as a team we took this step in April 2011 and opened the doors of Exchange Church and we continue to press on by God's grace to advance His kingdom for His glory. It's a tremendous blessing to work with so many people who are committed to the gospel and vision of Jesus Christ and His church. Exchange is also a member of FECA group of churches. This is important for us to be linked in with like minded churches pursuing the growth of Jesus kingdom.

We are a church with a reformed view of scripture believing God most clearly reveals Himself through the bible. But at the same time we hold a biblical belief of the continuation of all the spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit are still available and in operation today according to scriptural guidelines. So, our desire is to meet you where you are at in life, listen to your story and then share with you the greatest story ever - the story of Jesus. Please do contact us - it would be great to catch up - your place or ours.