Hi Exchange Church,

Everyday is a day to rejoice in, so much we take for granted as the Lord meets our needs. Praise the Lord with a thankful heart for His goodness and love as he is working in and through your lives.

This week Jim Pascal is bringing us the message from 2 Peter 1:1-15 in which Peter writes this letter to encourage Christians to live out the purpose of their lives in Christ. He warns readers to beware of teachers who claim to be believers, but present a false version of Christianity. And, Peter calls on all Christians to eagerly watch and wait for the return of the Lord. Peter begins his letter by urging his Christian readers not to be unproductive in their knowledge of Jesus. Rather, they should work to add all of Christ’s qualities to their lives.

Todd & Laurel continue their holidays for the next few weeks, during their absence if there is any pastoral needs or concerns please make contact with Rob Finster or myself.

This week once again we have some road disruptions around us, from now until mid July turning down Welsford Street from Fryers Street will be blocked because of a watermain relocation, so please enter Welsford Street from the High Street end to gain access to the Senior Citizens Centre.

This weekend at Exchange Church…

EC Sunday gathering @ 10:00am – Message “Being effective and fruitful in the knowledge of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ”

In Christ,

Stephen Hickingbotham